Mbappe destroyed Barcelona

Mbappe destroyed Barcelona

Kylian Mbappe scored three goals in the net of Catalan Barcelona, thanks to which PSG won at Camp Nou 1:4.

The first match of the round of 16 of the Champions League in the pair Barcelona - PSG did not become somehow unpredictable. Initially, the balance of power was in favor of the Parisians, despite their problems within the championship in the fight for first place. But this turned out to be the biggest challenge for Mauricio Pochettino's team before the game against the Catalans.

Barcelona, as well as PSG, came out to play with mirrored formations of 4-3-3 and in the first half the game was equal. The visitors' wings of defense sagged at the moment when Pochettino's men were catching the enemy on the build-ups between the lines. All the danger at ter Stegen's goal came between defense and midfield.

Despite this, Barca managed to open the score thanks to a penalty kick by Lionel Messi. All this was possible solely thanks to de Jong's individual technique. But five minutes later already, without any tactical changes, Kylian Mbappe equalized the score.

After the break, Pochettino was not scared and added a little to the attack, releasing Herrera alongside Gueye. Thus, the pressure and the numerical advantage of the Parisians on the other side of the pitch gradually began to bear fruit in the form of shots. In ten minutes of the second forty-five minutes, the guests made four shots, and after another twenty minutes they managed to score two goals out of three hits. Barcelona themselves allowed such a realization, having played terribly in defense.

But PSG did not stop there and Pochettino replaced Verratti with Draxler, with a complete playing advantage on the pitch. Koeman tried to salvage the situation, but it looked more like agony as he replaced Pedri, Pique and Busquets with Dest, releasing Puig, Trinkao, Pjanic and Mingueza. The hosts' formation changed to 4-4-1-1 with Messi and Griezmann and later Braithwaite at the fore. But Barcelona did not extract any dividends from this, and Mbappe scored a hat-trick at Camp Nou for the first time since the time of Andriy Shevchenko.

For many, after the match, there may be a feeling of deja vu from the 2016/17 season and recouped by the Catalans 0:4 at home. Yes, now the importance of away and home matches is minimized due to the lack of fans, but PSG are not coached by Unai Emery. Pochettino in this fight showed that he was ready to finish off the bleeding opponent, which he did with his substitutions, strengthening the attack. At the same time, it should be noted that Barca did not create anything at the goal of Keylor Navas from the play after the break. A direct proof of this was the absence of Messi's shots on target by the Costa Rican in addition to the penalty and free kick.

Pochettino and Mbappé demolished Barcelona. Which makes Pique's statement that he is ready to leave first after the fiasco with Bayern in order to push off the bottom looks even more comical. Barca did not push off from it, they sit there tightly at the moment.