Haaland leaves Borussia good chances

Haaland leaves Borussia good chances

In the first out of two confrontations of the Champions League round of 16 between Sevilla and Borussia Dortmund, the team from Germany won 2:3.

Looking at the latest results of the teams, a clear advantage due to stability remained with Spanish Sevilla. Julen Lopetegui's team is confidently in fourth place in the championship and won the last nine matches in all tournaments.

Borussia, on the other hand, were in great fever after the resignation of Lucien Favre and most of their achievements in the last month were associated exclusively with the Erling Haaland phenomenon. It happened this time too.

The teams came out in a similar 4-3-3 formation. However, the guests' formation was modernized for Haaland's benefit to 4-3-2-1 with Sancho and Royce under the forward. This made it possible to break through the central line of Sevilla and work on finishing moves and securing during attacks. But Sevilla made good use of the main weakness of Dortmund, the defense, and opened the score in the seventh minute already thanks to Suso's shot and the subsequent ricochet from a defender.

This, it would seem, made life easier for the hosts, who went to the match to meet opponents in the middle and low blocks, hoping for counterattacks. But the Haaland phenomenon manifested itself in all aspects. At first, he single-handedly left out of work three Sevilla players on the right wing, thanks to which he rolled the ball to Dahoud into the formed space in the 14th zone. Any footballer who plays at a decent level, with the amount of time given to Dahoud, is capable of hitting the top corner. Which he did. And then the Norwegian Ronaldo gave solo passes, which he finished with goals in both cases.

In the second half, Borussia came out more to fight back than create. Terzic's players increasingly found themselves behind the line of the ball, leaving Haland in splendid isolation. Most likely, the coach's bet was made on the guests' counterattacks, but as a result they did not manage to carry out any such attack, which were in the first half and ended in goals.

Gradually, the strength of the Black and Yellows dried up, and Sevilla crept closer to the goal of Hitz, but Terzich did not take action. As a result, one of the free kicks ended with a goal from substitute Luuk de Jong. This makes the 2:3 score less disastrous for Sevilla, given the horrors of Dortmund on the defensive.

Taking into account modern realities and the lack of fans in the stands, the Andalusians are quite capable of passing Borussia, if Haaland does not play his part. He is the only one in the Black and Yellows line-up, who is able to say the seditious expression of the Brazilians from the last century, “You score as much as you can, and we as much as we want.”