Zidane needs to go to Juventus?

Zidane needs to go to Juventus?

Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane may head Juventus Turin and replace Andrea Pirlo.

Rumors that Zidane would come to Juventus persisted before his second arrival to Santiago Bernabeu. But he chose to return to Florentino Perez’s project. Because of this, Bianconeri experienced great difficulties with Maurizio Sarri and subsequently appointed Andrea Pirlo as a head coach.

But for six months in the Turinian club, the ex-midfielder has achieved little with the team. Juventus have won only the Italian Super Cup, are in fourth place in the championship and look uncertain in the Champions League. Yes, the Old Signora took first place in the group, but this is only thanks to even more unstable Barcelona and Ferencvaros with Dynamo Kyiv, who fell behind at the beginning of the group stage.

The away defeat to Porto in the Champions League round of 16 didn’t diminish Juve’s chances of reaching the quarterfinals, but it made the management think. There is no progress in the game of the Italian champion and the elimination from the most prestigious club tournament in Europe seems to be a matter of time. In the post-match commentary, Pirlo justified the defeat with a conceded goal in the first minutes of each half, but this does not sound like a strong argument.

First of all, the defeat against Porto is his fault, since both goals were scored literally in the first minutes of each half. This indicates that the Italian did not set up the team in the locker room, because of which the players were not focused.

This has not happened in Zidane's coaching career, however. He could conflict with players, but he set them up for the match very well. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is he who is named as Pirlo's replacement. If we add his chemistry with Cristiano Ronaldo to this, then the question of the future manager of Juve disappears by itself. The current Old Lady is enough to play Zidaneball. Accordingly, one can expect his move to Turin in the summer.