Who’s next after Upamecano?

Who’s next after Upamecano?

Bayern Munich has agreed upon the transfer of Dayot Upamecano from Leipzig, and Ibrahima Konate is being watched by many of Europe's top clubs.

There is a feeling that after the summer off-season, RB Leipzig will have to quickly look for a replacement for the central defenders. It is already officially known that Dayot Upamecano will join Bayern for 42.5 million euros compensation. Munich have already agreed with him on a five-year contract.

The head coach of the team, Julian Nagelsmann, denied what was happening for a long time and sent journalists to the management for information. But his opinion turned out to be expected,

“I am well aware of the clause in his contract, according to which he can leave before the completion of the current agreement. The obvious situation is the ball is on his side. Basically, it doesn't bother me, because transfers are part of football. They were, are and will be,” said the German.

But let's see what he will say if one of the top clubs takes his second French defender Ibrahima Konate in the summer. If we compare Upamecano and Konate, the first one certainly looks more talented now. He starts attacks well, pulls the ball, has a good first pass, but he makes mistakes more often.

The guy does not keep the level from match to match and can often cut off the team, bring a penalty to his goal or fall out of the game. Bayern knows how to work with such individuals and in any case will train the young player, no doubt about it. Konate, although he does not possess such bright qualities as Upamecano, is much more stable than his compatriot.

The 21-year-old Ibrahima is already being hunted by London's Chelsea, Manchester United and, of course, Liverpool. Although the latter bought themselves Kabak with Davis in the winter transfer window, they cannot hope for the youngster from the troubled Schalke and a guy from the Championship in the long term.

This, by the way, was reported by journalist Christian Falk, so the information was not taken from scratch. If Leipzig do lose two defenders in one transfer window, then they will have a very hard time next season and the fight for trophies will be a joke, since everyone knows how much practice it takes to develop a quality defender. And we very much doubt that Leipzig will spend large sums on transferring someone.