Thierry Henry is coming back to Europe?

Thierry Henry is coming back to Europe?

London Arsenal former legend Thierry Henry may end up in the Premier League as Bournemouth manager after Jason Tindall’s dismissal.

This season, Bournemouth are in sixth place after 30 appearances in the Championship, which gives them the opportunity to participate in the playoffs for their return to the Premier League. After Tindall's dismissal, he was replaced by Jonathan Woodgate, known for his performances for Tottenham, Middlesbrough, Leeds United and even Real Madrid. Under him, the Cherries won two matches and drew once.

But the club's management does not see the former striker as a coach for the long term. Because of this, they intend to bring Thierry Henry back to Europe, who is currently working in Montreal, Canada.

With Henry in charge, Montreal finished only ninth in the MLS and were eliminated in the quarterfinals in the local CONCACAF Champions League from the Honduran Olympia. Therefore, the level of the coach has changed little after his past results.

Initially, Henry showed himself well in the coaching staff of the Belgian national team. But becoming a separate manager, he headed Monaco and seriously screwed up. Under him, the team almost got relegated from Ligue 1, and Leonardo Jardim, who had previously been fired, was brought back to replace him. Perhaps the most humiliating development of events that one can think of for a rookie head coach.

At the same time, Henry allowed himself direct criticism of his players at press conferences, demonstratively taught them etiquette and behaved more like a British snob, and not like a coach of a football team. We are convinced that having failed to raise a good team with good players in the French league, it will be much more difficult for him in the Championship.

Yes, he can score points by building simple football, because in the second-strongest division in England, Marcelo Bielsa with his tactical tricks no longer exists and the teams play straightforwardly. In addition, Bournemouth footballers will look at Henry as an icon in the first weeks of his work and follow the coach's instructions unquestioningly. This can be a plus, but then the main problems will be revealed again, and the Frenchman will not last long, be it the Championship or even the Premier League.