Chelsea turned out to be luckier than Atletico

Chelsea turned out to be luckier than Atletico

In the first leg of the Champions League round of 16, Atletico Madrid and London’s Chelsea met, where the guests turned out to be luckier than the opponents and won away 0:1.

As in many matches with the participation of English clubs, the status of home and away teams was rather conditional. The match took place on a neutral pitch in Bucharest, so it is impossible to fully assess the importance of an away goal.

Nevertheless, the Londoners came out to play 3-4-2-1 formation. It has always worked with Chelsea, but Atletico's system on the defensive has transformed from 4-4-2 to 6-3-1 with Luis Suarez at the fore. Joao Felix and Timo Werner had similar roles playing under attackers, but they were not the leading grandmasters in this chess confrontation.

During the entire match, the teams made only 17 shots, six of which were on the side of the nominal hosts. At the same time, Atletico never shot on target and Chelsea had five such shots. The Mattress Makers outplayed Chelsea well on the wing of Correa, where Marcos Alonso did not always keep up with him, and Rudiger did not always secure. After the passes, shots into the penalty area often followed, but nothing more.

In general, the match was a draw, with no advantages for either side. But everything was decided by one Chelsea counterattack, when the guests caught Atletico in the middle of the second half on a mistake and forced the players to run facing their goal. This also forced Hermoso to miss the ball and throw it off to Olivier Giroud, who scored the only goal in the match with a shot over himself.

Atlético were unable to do anything in the second half against the Chelsea defense, as Jorginho and Kovacic cleverly blocked the semi-wings along with Alonso and Hudson-Odoi. At the same time, they were fundamental in the build-up of the London team.

The fact that any victory away plays in favor of Atletico will bring the game at least into extra-time. At the same time, Jorginho and Mason Mount will not be in the second match, who slightly rattled the nerves of Diego Simeone's defense. This is due to the excessive yellow cards. In addition, Herrera, who is in quarantine due to a positive test for the coronavirus, may return to the service of the Argentine. In any case, Atletico still have a chance. Another thing is how they will dispose of them and what surprises Tuchel will prepare for Simeone. In the first duel, the German at least did not lose tactically to his counterpart.