Hazard may never play again

Hazard may never play again

Real Madrid winger Eden Hazard is risking to end playing football, if he decides to make a surgery, which can become fatal for him.

After moving to Real, Eden Hazard hasn’t been able to recover from his injuries. For a season and a half in Los Blancos camp, the footballer missed a calendar year in the infirmary, and now he runs the risk of ending his career. The reason for this is an ankle injury, which he got again.

Experts say that the reason for such difficulties for the Belgian in Madrid is the incompetence of the medical staff of Real Madrid. Earlier, the head coach of the team, Zinedine Zidane, quarreled with physiotherapists, after which they left the club, leaving behind a train of injured players with muscle injuries. Problems were not only in Hazard, but also Sergio Ramos, Daniel Carvajal and other leaders of the first team.

The second option is surgery. Surgical intervention will take out the football player for a longer period, and doctors give not the most reassuring forecasts for his recovery. Specifically, Hazard's attending physician Dr. Gonzalez in an interview stated the following,

“The third operation on Eden Hazard's ankle will be very risky, there is a possibility that the player will no longer play football. However, without it, he will be able to resume training sessions, but he will never be able to play in a full-fledged match again.

Based on my many years of experience, I see no prospects for his return to the pitch this season. Until he is 100% ready, there can be no talk of playing football,” Gonzalez summed up.

Hazard is in London right now to get an independent assessment from local doctors. We would like to note that on 7th January, the winger turned thirty, which also contributes to the football player's choice of the method of his treatment. Be that as it may, Hazard's career has been declining for a year and a half and there are fewer and fewer options for its revival. The Belgian is in danger of becoming a less significant copy of Marco van Basten, who retired at 28. And so far, there are really few prerequisites for changing this evil fate.