Aguero may stay in EPL, but at another club

Aguero may stay in EPL, but at another club

Sergio Aguero has offers from other English Premier League clubs apart from substantive interest from Catalan Barcelona.

It's no secret that Sergio Aguero's future is in doubt. The striker's contract with Manchester City expires this summer. And due to the age of the Argentine, the number of injuries this season and disagreements with head coach Josep Guardiola, there is a high probability that he will leave the camp of the Cityzens. Moreover, the club has time to offer a new contract for the football player.

One can understand City, because the club is no longer confident that Aguero will be able to keep up with the times and tactical sophistication of Pep Guardiola, of which there was enough this season. In addition, three goals in 14 games is not the result that Manchester City is counting on from the striker in its Napoleonic plans.

It is already known that several Premier League clubs are competing for the Argentine, which is not surprising. He will be able to help conditional Everton or Wolverhampton. And in extreme case scenario, make a reverse transfer akin to Carlos Tevez and go to Manchester United. After all, you never know. Especially if it's the Devil and he's red.

But for now, a substantive proposal is on the table at Barcelona. The new president of the club, Joan Laporta, is already ready to welcome Aguero to join Messi at the club level. Yes, Barca clearly lack a center-forward this season and Luis Suarez's departure was an obvious mistake in Blaugranas' current position. But what will the 32-year-old striker give, who will also need time to adapt, and even with frequent injuries over the past season?

The only plus from this transfer will be for the Catalan youth, who will gain experience next to Aguero. He may as well have one or two good seasons and bring Barcelona more than one trophy, but in the long run, anyone is hardly considering him.