Juventus look for options among managers

Juventus look for options among managers

Despite a long-term plan of development, Juventus Turin are looking for retreat options in case of Andrea Pirlo’s unsuccessful results.

The defeat against Benevento in the last round before the break for the national teams became the cause of contention in the Juventus management. After elimination from the Champions League by the Portuguese Porto, the management expressed full support to the head coach Andrea Pirlo and announced a long-term plan for development of the club. But now the vector may change.

The fact is that Old Signora are ten points behind Inter Milan ten rounds before the end of Serie A. Antonio Conte's team have gained a good pace and are unlikely to allow Juventus to win the championship title for the tenth time in a row. Against the backdrop of the club's global failures in the domestic and international arena, the management may agree to dismiss Pirlo.

Juve's bosses are already actively discussing the names of a replacement for the Italian football legend. Amongst them are Zinedine Zidane, Massimiliano Allegri, Roberto Mancini and Luciano Spalletti. Zidane appears to be the most interesting option on this list, as it would be interesting to watch the Frenchman work outside of Spain. In addition, there is a backstory to his move to Turin, because it was here that he turned into a world star.

But it would be much more interesting to look at Gian Piero Gasperini at the coaching post of Juventus. The Atalanta manager is also shortlisted for the coaching position in the Old Lady's camp. Previously, Gasperini tried his hand at Inter, but was dismissed after only five league matches due to unsatisfactory results. Having filled himself with authority in the middle-level team of Italy, which he made a regular in the Champions League playoffs, Juventus can take a chance and give the middle-aged manager a chance to declare himself.

We would really like to see Gasperini in one of the top clubs in Europe before he ends his coaching career. Juventus are perhaps the most suitable candidates for this role, given the perturbations that have befallen the club. Another thing is that the squad fully supports Pirlo, and even Giorgio Chiellini said that Juventus' failures are far from being related to the coaching staff. Therefore, if you invite Gasperini, then this should be the most gentle transfer of powers, otherwise a conflict with the players is possible. And this has not helped any team yet.