Inter won’t have enough money for Conte

Inter won’t have enough money for Conte

Antonio Conte may leave Inter due to financial problems of the club owners and the lack of proper reinforcement.

In recent years, European clubs have increasingly faced problems with the Chinese management. Milan and Valencia were examples of this not so long ago. Now it may be the turn of another Milanese team - Inter.

As you know, Nerazzurri is run by Suning Holdings and recently they started having financial difficulties. It is logical that because of this, investors first of all want to minimize the cost of their football asset, which will result in the absence of a decent transfer campaign and possible departure of the team leaders.

With the arrival of Antonio Conte, Inter have progressed markedly. Yes, the team have never been able to show a decent level in the international arena. First, in the 2018-19 Champions League season, Inter took third place with Luciano Spalletti in the group, then repeated this achievement the next year with Conte, and this season did not make it to the spring part of the European competitions at all.

Nevertheless, Antonio has managed to take advantage of the instability of competitors and after the silver medals in Serie A last season leads by ten points. At the same time, do not forget about the final of the Europa League last season, where the Big Grass Snake were stopped only invulnerable in this tournament Sevilla.

Inter's progress with Conte is obvious. After relegation from the European competition, the team focused on the domestic championship, where they scored 65 goals and share the first place in this indicator with Atalanta, having a match in reserve. the Big Grass Snake conceded only 26 goals, and this is the second figure after Juventus.

We are convinced that after the championship season, which is already very close, Inter need to be strengthened for the Champions League. The team lacks a quality bench width, and there are rumors about the departure of Skriniar, Lukaku and Martinez. Conte needs a chance to prove himself on the international stage and prove that eliminations from the group stage are not an indicator of the true strength of Nerazzurri. Therefore, we will absolutely understand Conte, if the management does not allocate funds to strengthen the squad, and he goes to Tottenham, which will accept the coach with open arms. The Spurs under the management of the Italian will be capable of a lot, given their unrealized potential in the attack, which Jose Mourinho ruins every day.