Ramos still hasn’t made a deal with Real

Ramos still hasn’t made a deal with Real

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos continues to argue with the club regarding his future contract.

As we have said many times, Ramos and Real cannot come to a unanimous decision about the Spaniard’s future. Los Blancos are not ready to offer their legend appropriate conditions, which is why the defender may leave the club in the summer.

Now it became known that Madrid are offering Sergio a contract extension for a year with a salary reduction of 20%. The Spanish champions plan to apply the same option to all their players.

At the same time, Ramos is looking forward to a two-year agreement with Real Madrid. Alternatively, the player is ready to make concessions under the 1+1 contract, but with the same salary. The controversy concerns primarily the shape and age of the defender. Real Madrid are not sure that the Spaniard is capable of spending more than one season at a high level. There is only one reason - Sergio turned 35 years old the other day. At the same time, the captain himself is confident that he is able to play a few more years at the level.

Ramos is a premium defender and it's hard to argue with that. He will be accepted with open arms by Italian giants like Inter or Juventus. The latter, by the way, could recreate his duo with Cristiano Ronaldo. Plus, there is always PSG which love to invite legends at the end of their careers.

It is too early to leave to work in the Middle East or the MLS for Sergio. Thanks to his experience, he is still able to strengthen almost any team in Europe. If Real are not ready to appreciate this and are going to do what they did with Raul and Iker Casillas, then this will not be the best move for the management ahead of the upcoming presidential elections. Although we would look at it solely out of curiosity, whether Florentino Perez manages to stay in his chair after such unethical decisions in relation to legends.