Raiola: Haaland can play at any club

Raiola: Haaland can play at any club

Football agent Mino Raiola shared his thoughts on possibly choosing the wrong option for Erling Haaland.

You can talk endlessly about the figure of Mino Raiola. His epics with the transfers of Mario Balotelli, constant transfer rumors about Paul Pogba, talk about the insufficient salary of Gianluigi Donnarumma constantly become the subject of discussion.

Whatever his approach to business is, he does his job perfectly. Raiola gets profitable contracts for his clients, but often muddies the waters when it comes to the further promotion of players.

This is happening now with Erling Haaland. The agent sees that the Norwegian is drawing more and more attention from the top clubs, which is why he starts rhetoric that Borussia are not worthy of such a goalscorer. Overall, the striker has shown amazing results in both the Champions League and the Bundesliga. He scores a goal per match on average, which even Messi did not dream of at the age of 20, neither did Mbappe.

Therefore, Raiola allows himself such statements, akin to the fact that he hastened to select a club for Haaland,

“Things went wrong with Haaland. He achieved everything much faster than anyone could imagine. Haaland is ahead of his development, ahead of his own schedule. Perhaps I was too careful when I told him, "No, let's go to Dortmund, and not somewhere, I don't know where."

This guy can play in any club, wherever he wants, he is already at this level. And I am one hundred percent sure of this, as everyone is sure. And he could have done it last year,” Mino Raiola said.

It is clear that the agent said these words, increasing the importance of his client. But judging objectively, the Norwegian needed stages. After Salzburg, he needed to adapt to bigger football and rivals. He has done it- already in his twenty years.

These words of Raiola will not particularly harm the fate of the Norwegian in the camp of the Black-and-Yellows, since in the summer he can freely move to another club. But how the coaches and the management of  conditional Real Madrid will react to this, when the team's game will decline and how this will affect Haaland's career is an open question.