Roy Keane: It’s time for Kane to leave

Roy Keane: It’s time for Kane to leave

Manchester United former legend Roy Keane has expressed his thoughts regarding the future fate of Harry Kane and advises him to leave Tottenham.

Harry Kane can rightfully be considered a Tottenham legend. He has broken more than one Spurs record and enjoys stability over seven seasons, scoring at least 17 Premier League goals in a season.

The current Premier League season has been a real discovery for Kane as a playmaker, able to disperse counterattacks and assist. He borrowed a lot from Jamie Vardy and proved that he has a little more than the right choice of position and play in the final phase in his arsenal.

Roy Keane wasn’t sentimental and advised Kane to leave Tottenham due to the poor results of the Spurs and the lack of further development plan,

“If you are a top player, then you definitely want to win important trophies. Tottenham have several important months ahead, they will play in the English League Cup final and try to get into the top 4 of the Premier League. But the question is, can they? Getting into the Champions League next season is a big question.

Will this affect Kane? He has a valid contract with the Spurs and Tottenham will have the final say, but if I were Kane, it would be worth changing the team in order to win really significant tournaments. This will not happen at Tottenham”, Keane said.

We agree on this issue with Keane, because Tottenham's management is not as patient and willing to trust the coaches as they should be. It is already clear that Jose Mourinho will not stay at Tottenham for a long time, but whoever comes, they need reinforcement to fight their competitors. The club President Daniel Levy is not ready for this and wants to see the result right away.

Kane is 27 years old. He is in full bloom and is capable of strengthening any team. Most of all he suits Bayern instead of Lewandowski right here and right now. He can also finally replace Luis Suarez at Barcelona, which have not yet found an alternative. But the most difficult thing about Kane's transfer is his contract until the summer of 2024 and a transfer price of 120 million euros.