Zlatan gets busted on share in bookmaking company

Zlatan gets busted on share in bookmaking company

Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic may end up outside of football for three years because of his share in a bookmaking company.

The Swedish striker is caught in another scandal. This time, the reason was his share in one of the bookmakers. As you know, UEFA and FIFA completely prohibit athletes from participating in sweepstakes, which is why the players were repeatedly excluded from the football life.

As for Ibrahimovic, it became known that he owns ten percent of the shares in Bethard bookmaker since 2018. At the same time, Zlatan formalized the ownership through his own firm, Unknown AB, in an attempt to circumvent the legislation. The bookmaker confirmed that Ibra still owns their stake, exacerbating the potential appeal process.

Moreover, Bethard, like any bookmaker, offered bets on matches with Zlatan's participation. It was in international qualifiers for the World Cup, as well as in Serie A or the Europa League games. However, the Swedish Football Association was aware of this conflict of interest and did nothing.

Previously, there have already been precedents when football players were suspended due to sports betting. Most notable were the recent incidents of Daniel Sturridge and Kieran Trippier, who were suspended for several matches. Joey Burton, who played for Rangers and Burnley, was disqualified for a year and a half altogether. And that's only for betting. And here it’s complicity, so to speak.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Swede faces a much longer term. We believe that he should be punished, but whether the trial against him will be objective, given the importance and fame of the athlete, is an open question. In any case, Ibra's participation in the matches for the national team at the Euro after this precedent is a big question. And Milan are unlikely to want to extend the contract with the Swede, given that the risks are too big.