Super League is created. Football revolution is coming

Super League is created. Football revolution is coming

From Sunday to Monday, the Super League was officially announced with 12 founding clubs.

The idea of creating the Super League has been in the minds of the leading functionaries of European top clubs for more than one year. Its main goal was to eliminate the influence of UEFA and FIFA, distributing income only among the top clubs. Manage all assets themselves.

The incumbent organizations have already attempted to intimidate that players participating in the Super League will be excluded from tournaments held under the auspices of FIFA and UEFA. Now that the tournament has been officially announced, their rhetoric has not changed. The 12 clubs that took part in the creation of the Super League may even be subject to expulsion from the national championships.

The founders include Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Milan, Inter and Juventus. They did not manage to agree with Bayern, Borussia Dortmund and PSG. In theory, a new tournament with three missing clubs would have a total of 15 permanent entrants. Another five seats are allocated to clubs that qualify for the tournament.

Thus, the Super League format looks as follows:

There will be division into two groups with 10 teams each. There are two circles in them. Accordingly, the teams play 18 matches. Based on the results, the first three places in both groups go directly to playoffs. The fourth and fifth places are competing for one ticket further. The quarterfinals and semi-finals of two matches are then played and the final in neutral territory.

An initial grant of 3.5 billion euros is distributed among clubs from 310 million to 89 million per club. Founding clubs take a large share. Top 5 qualifiers - receive 89 million each.

The matches will take place in the middle of the week, replacing the Champions League. Clubs also get the right to broadcast four matches in the tournament on their digital platforms, receiving all the profits.

32.5% of TV and sponsor income will be split initially between the founding clubs of the tournament and another 32.5% between all participants. 20% of the fund will be paid as prizes for team merit under the Premier League scheme. The remaining 15% will be a commercial share.

Expenses will be regulated by a group of financial stability. There will also be a restriction on transfers and salaries, which will amount to 55% of all income.

The logic behind the creation of the Super League from the point of view of the management of the participating clubs is clear. In a pandemic, they suffered huge losses that need to be replenished. At the same time, UEFA in no way helped the top clubs to resolve this situation. Therefore, the response is natural.

Organizations are now trying to put pressure on the dozen founders, but we doubt it will work. UEFA and FIFA have lost control and leverage. All that remains to be seen is more detailed and specific information on how it will all work. Will the clubs play in the national championships, and how the current season will end.