Fans destroyed Super League?

Fans destroyed Super League?

A new tournament called the Super League, created by the top clubs in Europe, closed after a couple of days due to threats from the governing bodies.

The Super League is an interesting top-club initiative, pioneered by Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester United and Liverpool. But some factors did not allow it to come true. We will talk about them in this article.

Initially, the project was conceived as an elite competition for 15 founding clubs and five qualifiers. It is clear that due to the lack of a sporting principle and the elitism of what was happening, most clubs began to boycott the tournament. Mid-range clubs and underdogs have asked the league to expel the rebels from the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga. At the same time, the organizations themselves understood that without top teams, the level of the leagues would decrease, which would affect the cost of TV rights. Accordingly, all clubs would receive a blow due to insufficient funding.

But PSG with Bayern and Borussia, which defiantly refused to participate in the experiment, helped the elite of the European football to come to their senses. In addition, UEFA and FIFA threatened with massive bans of players and the clubs. Therefore, there was nowhere to go. Florentino Perez, elected president of the Super League, insisted on the legality of what was happening, but the functionaries got it right.

The tournament was based on English clubs; therefore, the words of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about possible sanctions convinced Tottenham, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal to abandon the venture. Management apologized to fans who had already raised protests, and Manchester United even fired Ed Woodward, who ran the club for 16 years.

At first glance, it seems that the principle of justice has triumphed in football and everything has returned to normal. Only Real, Barcelona and Juventus remained among the rebels. Andrea Agnelli is trying to justify the actions of the Super League along with Perez, who, by the way, has a clear conflict of interest. But best of all, as for us, the former Liverpool midfielder John Barnes spoke about this,

“Let's make no mistake about what happened. Two elite groups have fought for the right to exploit football.

The fans have nothing to do with it. It's about UEFA, trying to hold on to power, and the Premier League trying to hold on to power, on the one hand, and the new group, the European Super League, trying to get this power, on the other,” Barnes said and added that this is in any In the event, the victory is not of the fans, but of those who will exploit them.

This is the most sensible idea, it seems to me, which is devoid of romanticization of the Champions League and other populist headlines. Both UEFA and the Super League see their main goal in front of them - profit. For this, the Champions League format has been changed, which will increase the number of matches. Therefore, UEFA put pressure on their part, the leagues helped in this, and the leading figures of the country, like Macron or Johnson, shut down the issue completely.

Club management has apologized to fans to show their commitment to them. But the point was only formal. This is why Boris Johnson pioneered a club ownership reform following the example of Germany, where 50 + 1% of the shares are owned by fans. The system must be changed either from the inside or not touched. There is no other option.