Juventus are in no hurry to escape from sinking ship

Juventus are in no hurry to escape from sinking ship

Juventus Turin along with Real Madrid continue to believe in the existence of the Super League.

Of the 12 clubs that participated in the creation of the European Super League, only Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus remain on the ship. Some media say that Milan did not come out completely, but as for us, this process has already started. The same goes for Barca, which are not in a position to put themselves in jeopardy with their debts.

Therefore, the most greedy Florentino Perez and Andrea Agnelli, with whom this path began, remain the apologists of revolutionary football thought in Europe. By the way, the news about the resignation of the latter from the club remained fake. This was confirmed by the official appeal of Juve about the prospects for the further development of the project,

“We know that some clubs intend to leave the tournament line-up, although the necessary legal procedures stipulated by the agreement concluded by the clubs on this issue have not yet been completed.

In this situation, we retain our faith in the sporting, commercial and legal force of the project, but now the chances of its implementation in the originally conceived form are small. Juventus remain committed to creating lasting value for the club and the entire football industry,” Juventus said in a statement.

Why didn't Juventus go away from this venture following the example of other clubs? Because Agnelli had too much on the line. He left the post of head of the European Clubs Association, quarreled with godfather of his child Alexander Ceferin, which is why the Slovenian put PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi in this post.

In addition, one should not forget that before Agnelli said that Atalanta do not deserve to play in the Champions League just because the team does not have international matches behind it and performance in one good season should not let it into the elite of European football. The thought clearly characterizes the interests of the functionary who cares about the value of brands that can be sold at a higher price. And besides, Atalanta have been imposing a struggle on Juventus in recent years, which cannot please Andrea.

Compared to Agnelli and Perez, the latter remained white and fluffy. Now there are talks about his possible resignation from Real, but we hardly believe in it. But Agnelli lost all his personal achievements, crossing them out with a couple of signatures. He tends to believe in his ideals until the fans riot. Although while the young coach is at the coaching post, Cristiano Ronaldo also plays in the team, and they have not yet lost the habit of victories in tournaments - there will be silence for now. But soon the pendulum will swing and everything can change.