Ceferin: Real – Chelsea match will take place

Ceferin: Real – Chelsea match will take place

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin announced that the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and London Chelsea will take place.

The issue of finishing the semi-finals and the Champions League finals was very relevant at the time of the creation of the Super League. UEFA threatened to impose sanctions on all participants and exclude them even from the current draw. As alternative solutions for the tournament, options were called to give the Cup to PSG, as well as to get Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Porto into the tournament instead of Real, Chelsea and Manchester City.

But the second way was more possible due to the existing UEFA agreements with TV broadcasters. The cancellation of five high-demand matches would be a big loss for the organization. Therefore, Ceferin believes that the semifinals will take place as planned due to the remorse of the clubs in the erroneousness of their decisions,

“The key point is that the season has already begun. The broadcasters will demand that we pay compensation if the semi-finals are not played. Thus, the chances that the match between Real Madrid and Chelsea will not take place next week are very low. But in the future, everything will change.

UEFA's doors are open. At the same time, all these clubs will have to experience the consequences of their decisions. We consider all these clubs to be part of UEFA, but of course with certain people we will never renew personal relationships. I can share these things,” Ceferin said.

Real Madrid have become the most disliked club for UEFA at the moment, but we doubt that they will be imposed serious sanctions, up to exclusion from the European competition. The Creamy ones are too influential, both in terms of the number of fans and the quality of their lawyers.

Therefore, Ceferin's words about the consequences of the decisions made seem like an ordinary horror story that will bring nothing. The worst that can happen is a financial blockade from UEFA and non-payment of the Champions League prize money. But again, this is not a problem that the lawyers of the Spanish capital's club would not have dealt with.