UEFA to thank England with Euro 2020 matches

UEFA to thank England with Euro 2020 matches

UEFA is considering moving UEFA European Championship matches to England due to assistance against the Super League.

Lately, there have been a lot of rumors about withdrawal of the English clubs from the Super League. Some media say that the reason for this was decent payouts from UEFA for loyalty. In most cases, this news has its roots in Madrid, so you shouldn't be surprised.

But now the information is becoming more serious. The Telegraph wrote that UEFA plans to host some of the matches in England. Against the backdrop of the fact that recently the holding of Euro 2020 matches was canceled in Bilbao, and Dublin has also excluded from the number of cities hosting the tournament, such a gesture has the right to life.

In particular, UEFA thus wants to thank the Football Association of England and its head Mark Bullingham for the work done to counter the Super League. According to the source, thanks to this, several matches will take place at Wembley. But the transfer of all matches from Bilbao and Dublin to the Albion is not worth waiting for, since UEFA prefers to give priority rights to countries and cities in which spectators are allowed to enter stadiums. Russia is among those.

As for us, the idea of holding the European Championship in many countries and cities during the pandemic should have been completely disregarded. It is unsafe in the face of constant movement of the national teams. The previous format of holding in one or two countries could protect both football players and spectators, if it was known in advance where the tournament is being held.

Now Euro 2020 runs the risk of causing more harm, since the cities that urgently host matches will not be ready for this. And as a result, there is a big risk that the idea of international hosting of the tournament will sink into oblivion due to the nuances that the world has faced in the last year and a half.