There are four contenders for title in La Liga

There are four contenders for title in La Liga

In the Spanish league, four teams at once have a chance to take the title at the end of the season. The gap between the first and fourth teams is three points.

The current season of the Spanish championship seemed to be a little blurry due to the failures of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Atletico were very confident until the middle of the season and had an advantage over their more titled colleagues by 13 points. But the distance played its role and now the Mattress Makers are ahead of Real and Barca by only two points, and Sevilla by three. At the same time, the Catalans have a match in reserve.

Atletico strongly squandered the gap, as a result of which they were approached not only by the participants of El Clasico, but even by Sevilla. By the way, the Andalusians, after the triumph in the Europa League, are showing significant progress. They have fully entered the top four of La Liga and haven’t dropped out from there and also confidently advanced to the Champions League playoffs. And even if Julen Lopetegui’s men lack experience and confidence, they have outlined their path very clearly.

The head coach of Atletico Madrid, Diego Simeone, expressed his position on the future champion of the country five rounds before the finish,

“Most of the season we were in the lead by a wide margin, but we knew that clubs like Barcelona and Real were not going to get out of the fight. Sevilla also came close. The ones who are stronger psychologically will win the title.

Things are changing rapidly. We do not know what awaits us. We will continue to think about what depends on us. Everything will depend on psychology, on the character that we show,” the Argentine specialist said.

As for us, the instability of the teams became the reason for such intensity of passions at the end of the season. Each of them looked rather weak at a certain point in the championship. Barcelona completely failed the start. Atletico after half the season began to look faded and lost stability. Real Madrid and Sevilla were good all season and only occasionally lost points, which, on average, put them on par with other contenders.

Looking at the current state of affairs, Barcelona haму more chances of triumph. Koeman's team won the Spanish Cup and were eliminated from the Champions League, which simplified their calendar. Real Madrid will have a hard time, as a lot of energy ahead will be spent with Chelsea. Atletico got worse and Sevilla have a great opportunity to compete for the trophy. The Andalusians ended seven of their last eight La Liga matches with a draw. So why shouldn't Lopetegui announce himself as loudly as possible after being fired from Real Madrid? Last season there was a rehearsal in the Europa League, and now it may well be the climax.