Chelsea decided to sell Abraham

Chelsea decided to sell Abraham

London’s Chelsea are going to make a bet on a new striker and for this they intend to let Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud go.

Chelsea are experiencing great difficulty in attack. With the arrival of Thomas Tuchel in the team, their defense clearly improved. Even the statistics speaks of this: in 22 matches, Chelsea won 14 times, drew six times and lost twice. At the same time, the goal difference eloquently says that, on average, the Pensioners score 1.27 goals, and concede 0.45.

The reason for these problems was the lack of an efficient scorer. Timo Werner never managed to fit in, citing his realization problems. Olivier Giroud does not have the technique and speed that Tuchel needs so much. And it seemed like a chance for Tammy Abraham to play. But the Englishman played only six matches in all tournaments under the Germans and scored only once in the FA Cup.

23-year-old Abraham is a promising forward, but with high aspirations and goals Tuchel does not count on him. Especialluy when Roman Abramovich gave the go-ahead to negotiate with Erling Haaland earlier. However, we remain supporters of giving the Englishman playing practice, and not marinating him on the bench. In such an outcome, the striker himself will leave the club in search of a suitable place to work.

From a financial point of view, Tammy and Olivier's departure compensates Chelsea with about 200 thousand pounds a week for the salary of the new leader of the attack. Will it be Haaland or former Pensioners player Romelu Lukaku - the question is not so important. Even the example of Inter's Belgian striker makes it clear that Chelsea sometimes makes short-sighted decisions. If we add Kevin De Bruyne and Arjen Robben to this, who started playing after moving from Stamford Bridge, then the picture is not in favor of Abramovich's project.

Abraham is an excellent young striker with good speed and growth prospects. He is only 23 years old and 40 million pounds, for which Londoners are ready to say goodbye to him is an adequate price even in times of crisis. He is easily able to strengthen Everton and follow in Lukaku's footsteps, or even move to another championship to prove Chelsea their next miss.