PSG leave UCL with impotency in attack and hysteria

PSG leave UCL with impotency in attack and hysteria

French PSG lost 2-0 away to Manchester City (4-1 on aggregate) and said goodbye to the hope of winning the Champions League.

After the not entirely logical victory of Manchester City away, the team of Mauricio Pochettino had to act aggressively from the start of the match. Initially, the weather did not favor technical football due to the hail. The ball was jumping, there was a struggle on every piece of the pitch, but this was not what prevented the Parisians from reaching the final.

Due to injury, Kylian Mbappe missed the second leg. Instead, Mauro Icardi entered the pitch and disappeared there for an hour of playing time until Pochettino replaced him. Manchester City have been cautious. The hosts played 4-4-2 with de Bruyne and Bernardo Silva ahead. Guardiola's team met their opponents in the middle, and sometimes in the lower block and did not fail at the same time.

PSG had the initiative, played with the ball, but Guardiola drew on mistakes from previous seasons and did not take control at all. He played smarter and on the 11th minute already caught the opponents on a counterattack. Ederson found free Zinchenko, who ran to the goal of Navas, gave it to de Bruyne, after which Mahrez opened the score.

The Parisians continued to press, but due to the density of the City in defense, Neymar did not really have any zones or space between the lines. PSG tried to crush the opponents with high pressing during build-ups, but Di Maria, Icardi and Neymar are not the best three for tackling. They weren't finalizing. At the same time, there was one chance when Di Maria caught Ilkay Gundogan on a mistake and missed the half-empty goal. Another dangerous moment was Marquinhos’ shot in the woodwork.

Realizing his situation, Guardiola gave instructions to increase the pressing line in the second half. The Spaniard did not want to get into the situation of PSG, when they almost lost to Bayern, having closed in their own half and he succeeded. On 63 minute already, Mahrez doubled the advantage from a counterattack and closed the issue. Finally, Angel Di Maria buried the chances of the guests when he hit Fernandinho and went to watch the match in the locker room. In the second semi-final match in a row, PSG players got sent off, which speaks only of uncertainty.

It was curious to watch Phil Foden's futile attempts to cope with emotions and shoot on the goal of Navas in cold blood. But each shot of the Englishman came either to the goalkeeper or to the post. Oleksandr Zinchenko played an excellent time and a half in the confrontation. And if not for his stupid yellow card due to the provocation of Paredes, his performance could have been called perfect. Ruben Dias deserves special attention, selflessly throwing himself under the ball in any situation.

Summarizing the main idea of ​​this confrontation, we will say the following: Manchester City were confident in their abilities and naturally passed PSG. Pochettino did nothing to help his team cope with the situation psychologically. This is the same gang of guys who, which starts to freak out at the first occasion. Guardiola deserves special attention. He coped with emotions and played with his mind. We really hope that Manchester City and Chelsea will meet in the final and Guardiola's chess against Tuchel will captivate us for an hour and a half under the Istanbul sky.