UEFA makes adjustments before Euro 2020

UEFA makes adjustments before Euro 2020

UEFA allowed to change footballers in the list before the Euro 2020 and the list itself will be extended to 26 people.

Adequate news came from UEFA headquarters. The organization made changes to the application of the national teams before the European Championship, which made life easier for the national teams. The reason for this was the risks that coaches will face due to a possible shortage of players associated with the results of tests for Covid-19 and quarantine measures.

According to the protocol, not only a football player with a positive test should be sent for self-isolation, but also those who had contact with him. The match line-up itself will be limited to 23 positions. In addition, UEFA said that after the announcement of applications on the 1st June, the national teams can make an unlimited number of substitutions up to the first match in the tournament. Whether it be injuries, coronavirus infection or other reasons. This also applies to goalkeepers, but there is a nuance about them. If the goalkeeper was excluded from the application and replaced by another, then he no longer has the right to be included in the application.

The fact that UEFA has started talking about such concessions for the national teams is commendable. We are skeptical about the decisions of football organizations and we believe that it took place even earlier. Now the national teams are forced to make sacrifices because of the brutal athletic schedule in the history of football. Since the resumption of the championships last season, the players have not had enough time to rest. This resulted in a large number of injuries.

Euro 2020 kicks off on June 11th, and the Champions League final, which closes the current season, will take place on May 29. Taking into account the training camp and preparations for the continental championship, then the players will again have no time to recover. The next season kicks off in early August with the Euro 2020 final on 11 July. Therefore, wewould not praise UEFA and talk about how these concessions were introduced in a timely manner. They made the minimum that was necessary so that the players did not come down with serious injuries and had at least some chances to perform well in the tournament and then enter the new season.