Gasperini doesn’t set goal to win Scudetto

Gasperini doesn’t set goal to win Scudetto

Atalanta head coach Gian Piero Gasperini explained the lack of ambition of his team regarding the league title.

Atalanta took bronze medals last season in Serie A with 78 points in 38 matches. Now the Bergamasques with 72 points are in second place three rounds before the finish of the league season. At the same time, the density in the top five is off scale. The fifth-placed Juventus are only three points behind Atalanta, so the fight for the Champions League zone will be held until the last round.

The club has developed a certain trend during this time. The provincials fail the start of the season, after which they gradually gain momentum. Not to say that all the teams had a good start at the beginning of the season. Milan were the only stable team in autumn and winter. But then Gasperini had a serious conflict with Alejandro Gomez, because of which the team captain left for Sevilla.

This was a serious stumbling rock for the coach in hopes of repeating the success of the previous season. But thanks to Muriel and Ruslan Malinovskyi, who blossomed in the spring, Atalanta have won their victories and are fighting for a place in the top four, which, according to Gasperini, is the maximum for the club,

“Scudetto is difficult for a club like Atalanta. The results that we show in the league are always about the same. There are clear economic inequalities between the clubs.

Atalanta's goal is always to improve. Due to the current economic mechanisms, we will never be able to start the season with the aim of winning Serie A,” Gasperini said.

Nevertheless, Atalanta already manage to fight on equal terms with the Italian giants. During the season, the team beat Juventus, Napoli, Milan and Roma. However, there were difficulties with Antonio Conte’s Inter. It is understandable, Nerazzurri issued the title ahead of schedule and proved the legitimacy of their triumph.

Therefore, we believe that there is some truth to Gasperini's words. Give him the freedom to choose the players so that the coach decides who he needs and after a couple of seasons he could swing at Scudetto. But this must be approached with a cool head, without ruining the friendly team of Bergamasques, which the Italian has built over the past five years of hard work.