Guardiola tells secret of his success in EPL

Guardiola tells secret of his success in EPL

Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola shared what helped him achieve the latest success.

Pep Guardiola took over Manchester City in 2016 after an unsuccessful job at Bayern. With the Munich side, the Spaniard was unable to advance beyond the Champions League semi-finals, despite his successes on the domestic arena. He had a similar fate in England, where in five years he won the league title three times, became the winner of the FA cup, won the League Cup three times and the Super Cup twice.

Now after so many years of hard work outside Barcelona, Guardiola has led his team to the Champions League final, where he will face off against Thomas Tuchel, whom he lost to twice. But despite such unfortunate statistics against the ex-coach of PSG and Borussia, another German, Jurgen Klopp, inspired him to succeed,

“Klopp was an inspiration to me. He made me a better coach thanks to his teams Borussia and Liverpool. He made me think a lot about games and opponents. I am very grateful to him, I really appreciate him,” Guardiola said.

This is an indicator of sound competition. While playing in the same league as Klopp, Pep was constantly on his toes. At first, when Liverpool was noticeably staffed, the Cityzens snatched gold medals in the last round only, gaining 98 points, when the Reds had 97 points at the end of the season. Then Liverpool took their toll and won the championship title for the first time in 30 years. But in the current season, it was City that became the most stable team, which won the championship three rounds before the end of the season.

In some ways, the history of the relationship between Guardiola and Klopp reminded me of the battle of Arsene Wenger against Alex Ferguson. Despite the different styles and play, the very development of their confrontation is very similar. The only difference is in the degree of passion, earlier it was much higher.

If Man City take the Champions League this season, the level of competition between coaches will reach a new high. As the Spaniard will fulfill his credit of trust and is unlikely to leave. Klopp has a slightly more difficult situation, because he still needs to win his “final”, which consists of the last three meetings in the championship, in order to get into the Champions League. But be that as it may, several seasons of exceptional rivalry await both coaches, and Solskjaer and Tuchel may be added to them.