UEFA to move UCL final to Portugal

UEFA to move UCL final to Portugal

UEFA plans to move the Champions League final to Portugal from Turkey due to the coronavirus, but will make up for this with a final in 2023.

The finalists of the most prestigious club tournament in Europe, Manchester City and Chelsea, have a chance to play in the Iberian Peninsula due to Turkey's coronavirus problems. The fact is that the country was included in the red list of the British government.

With UEFA paving the way for the Champions League final with spectators for months, the new bans made it impossible to host the match in Istanbul. Therefore, initially the British politician Michael Gove came up with the initiative to negotiate the transfer of the final to Britain,

“Delicate negotiations are underway. My friend and colleague Oliver Dowden (UK Secretary of Digital Culture, Media and Sport) is talking to people about this right now, and so I don't want to talk. But I'm sure British fans would love to see the final here in the UK,” said Gove.

But UEFA will deprive Turkey due to the postponement of the final. As it became known from the New York Times, the organization plans to grant Istanbul the right to host the final of the 2022/23 season instead of Allianz Arena in Munich. This will serve as a kind of compensation and will be timed to coincide with the centenary of the Turkish Republic.

For us, the initiative to move the final to Portugal to Dragao is not entirely clear. It would be more logical to see the decisive match in England, since both teams are representatives of this country. Since a couple of finalists were Chelsea and Manchester City, this would make life easier for teams and fans who should be allowed into the stands, albeit not in the maximum number.

The situation in which countries and clubs find themselves is not conducive to organizing exhibition matches on a global scale in other countries. Therefore, the decision of UEFA is controversial, because there are no prerequisites for holding the final in Porto. The only thing is an adequate epidemiological situation in the country, but nothing more. And so, the clubs and fans will find themselves in uncomfortable conditions than they would be if the final in London at Wembley took place.