Allegri is expected at Milan and Zidane at Juventus

Allegri is expected at Milan and Zidane at Juventus

Massimiliano Allegri may head Real Madrid after the departure of Zinedine Zidane.

The fact that Andrea Pirlo failed at Juventus is an axiom. The Italian did not manage neither tactically nor psychologically with this work. Therefore, the defeat from Milan 0:3 at home looked like a completely natural outcome and a bright indicator of the entire season.

At the same time, Juventus are not going to spoil the already fragmented atmosphere in the locker room and to fire the coach at the end of the season. But the fact that Pirlo will not prepare the team for the new season is clear. First of all, in the course of such reflections, the candidacy of Zinedine Zidane, who previously played for the Italian club, comes up. And he himself is not against heading the Old Lady, given the selection of performers with whom he already had experience of work.

But as for the future fate of Real Madrid, there are interesting moments. Calciomercato reports that the Spanish capital club has already contacted Massimiliano Allegri regarding his arrival to Los Blancos camp. And this, in my opinion, can be a positive leap for the team.

Many criticized Allegri for squeezing the maximum out of his teams, but not developing them. The argument cites his championship with Milan and dominance with Juventus. However, after the departure of Allegri, Maurizio Sarri easily took the championship due to the unwillingness of other clubs to compete at a distance. Therefore, we would not put a stigma on the Italian specialist.

In general, Allegri's personality has often been resurfacing lately in the context of who he will lead - Juventus or Milan. In Massimiliano's place, we would choose Real Madrid, which will most likely part with Zidane because of a disastrous season if they do not take the league title. Madrid need a breath of fresh air, but not as fresh as the possible arrival of Raul. He may not be bad at Castilla, but we would not advise Perez to repeat the Pirlo fiasco.

Allegri successfully got along with the stars at Juventus and he had no scandals, and the atmosphere within the team, coupled with the game, allowed him to get twice to the Champions League final. Therefore, we think Allegri would be the best option for Real from the available ones on the market at the moment. Considering his experience, approach, game and psychology - no one can cope better with a spoiled and ambitious capital club.