Tottenham miss Pochettino

Tottenham miss Pochettino

A part of London Tottenham’s representatives lean towards the option of returning Mauricio Pochettino.

Mauricio Pochettino has worked with Espanyol, Southampton, Tottenham and is trying to achieve success with PSG during his 12-year coaching career. However, the Argentine's affairs with the Parisians are not going well.

It would be logical to refer to the fact that he came in the middle of the season, did not participate in full-fledged training camps and, moreover, did not select players for himself. But even so, he passed Barcelona, Bayern and stumbled on Manchester City in the Champions League semifinals. Won the French Cup, but lost the championship to Lille, which would seem to be nonsense for Ligue 1.

Therefore, some representatives of Tottenham believe that it is difficult for Pochettino in the new project and offer to bring him back to London. However, the president of the club, Daniel Levy, is more interested in inviting another eminent specialist who would raise the spirit of the fans and arouse their enthusiasm.

If these rumors are true, then we would not put any assessment of Pochettino ahead of time. He joined the team after the 17th round, when there was tension within the team between the players and the coach. In fact, he really lost the championship race, since before his arrival PSG were only one point behind Lille and Lyon. But this is not an indicator for long-term work with the manager.

As for going back to London, we don't think he wants to. After Levy did not even let him say goodbye to the players and fans and quickly invited Mourinho, the tension between the coach and the president did not disappear anywhere. And in terms of the selection of players, Levy has never been generous to the manager. Therefore, in Pochettino's place, we would turn this page completely and would not wait for any changes in the approach of a person who has been working as usual for two decades.