Ancelotti is Real’s new head coach

Ancelotti is Real’s new head coach

Carlo Ancelotti has headed Real Madrid six years after his departure from the club.

The departure of Zinedine Zidane did not come as a surprise to the team and the football world, but raised several important questions. One of them was that the Frenchman himself was dissatisfied due to mistrust on the part of the management. Along with the fact that Antonio Conte was named a contender for the post of head coach of Real, his candidacy was dismissed after this statement.

The Italian left Inter due to financial problems. The management was not ready to strengthen the team in the summer transfer window. Real Madrid are planning an update, but it is not a fact that the expressive champion of Serie A will be given the opportunity to rebuild the team for themselves right away.

The second was the name of Mauricio Pochettino. Rumors spread in the news that the Argentine would not mind giving up coaching at PSG in favor of Real Madrid. In addition, there is an opinion that Tottenham would like to bring him back. But everything was crossed out by the sports director of the Parisians Leonardo, who said that the club was pleased with the work of the coach and would not let him go.

Raul was also one of the first to lead the main team. He coached the youth team of the Madridian club for a year and successfully led Castilla for two years, with which he took third place in Segunda B. But it seems to me that the management of Los Blancos was afraid to let Raul into the main team, looking at the example of Andrea Pirlo. Although the Spaniard has more experience at the start, he still needs to train at a professional level, because it is not a fact that he will succeed like Zidane.

Therefore, the best option was Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian has a lot of experience, he coached Real Madrid and won the Champions League with it, and after that he even worked with Bayern, Napoli and Everton. The only problem is that Carlo was very lazy even after leaving for Bayern. All trainings were led by his son, and the club did not understand why the legendary coach was getting the salary. On this basis, a conflict may well occur, given what kind of restructuring Florentino Perez has planned for the next couple of years.

Of all these options, Mauricio Pochettino and Raul remained the most interesting for me. The former has long been to the top club and the Argentine has long been waiting for an invitation to Santiago Bernabeu. He has something to prove, and the fact that at one time he led Espanyol will further encourage him to win trophies from Barcelona. I just want to see Raul in big football, given his bright mind from the days of playing as a forward. Ancelotti and Conte, in my opinion, have more opportunities for destruction rather than creation due to their excessive dogmatism and irascibility respectively.

But it happened as it happened. Papa Carlo is back as the head coach of Los Blancos until 2024 with a salary of 6 million euros a year. For Ancelotti, this is a great option to slam the door loudly at the end of his career, and for Real, an attempt to stabilize the situation, following the example of Juventus and Allegri. But as for me, it is Ancelotti who will benefit from this union, and Real will at best remain with what’s theirs, if it does not degrade.