Allegri to stabilize Juventus

Allegri to stabilize Juventus

Massimiliano Allegri has come to Juventus as a crisis manager to restore parity in the league.

In the course of last season, it became clear that Andrea Pirlo is not suitable for the tasks of Juventus Turin. Although in the end he showed himself well, for a beginner, but getting into the Champions League and winning the Italian Cup are not the tasks that Old Signora should set themselves.

Allegri returns after two seasons of rest. The coach almost put an end to his career when he said that the main merit in his success fell on the shoulders of assistants and football players. But now that Juve after Sarri and Pirlo have dropped in the standings and flopped on the international stage, Max is coming back to bring back the greatness of the team.

Allegri, as an unsurpassed tactic, can be talked about for hours. The way he dealt with the difficulties from season to season after the transition from Antonio Conte’s system to 4-3-1-2, made Pjanic a new Pirlo and returned to the system with three central defenders and then lost Morata and Pogba, dropping Mandzukic in midfield - deserves colossal respect. And be that as it may, over the years, he played in the Champions League final twice and consistently took Serie A.

Now Massimiliano by hook or by crook wants to keep Paulo Dybala, whose contract ends next year. The player himself was already ready to leave Turin, but the coach believes in him, as before. Moreover, returning, he understands that his expert opinion will be more listened to. Therefore, putting lazy Ronaldo on the bench would look like a matter of course.

If you look at the prospects for Allegri, then next season he must take Serie A. The reasons for this are prosaic. Inter lost Conte and invited Simone Inzaghi. It will be difficult for the Milanese to allocate a budget for transfers, so the coach would have to adapt to the existing performers, which may become smaller.

Milan need power-ups. Pioli's team will not last long, as the last season showed. At best, the Rossoneri old guard will be tired by February. We are not saying anything about Mourinho’s Roma and Spalletti’s Napoli, since we do not see them as competitors in the fight for Scudetto, at least next season. Therefore, only Juventus and Atalanta remain from the obvious contenders. Gasperini may surprise you, but again, this takes some investment. And if we take into account the constant injuries of newcomer Kovalenko and the upcoming operation of Malinovskyi, then in the center of the field you will not have to wait for stability at the start of the season.

Thus, Juventus remains the only adequate contenders for the championship title. The coach knows the structure of the club, he will have the opportunity to strengthen the roster, as access will increase due to the acceptance of the right of the head coach by the management. Thanks to this, the Old Signora must once again return to the winner's podium, and the bosses of the club will have to give Allegri a new long-term contract.