Saul is going to Bayern

Saul is going to Bayern

Atletico Madrid midfielder Saul Niguez may become a new player of Bayern Munich.

Saul has been the main midfielder of Diego Simeone’s Atletico for six seasons. During this time, the footballer has established himself from the best side thanks to his vision of the pitch, intransigence in tackles and good reading of the game. At the same time, Saul has excellent technique, which many will remember thanks to a goal against Bayern in the Champions League semifinals of the 2015/16 season. Having outplayed four Bavarians, he sent the ball into the far corner and beat Neuer.

Perhaps Bayern have not forgotten this either, and therefore want to sign the Spaniard. In any case, he will become a great replacement for Alaba, who finished the season as a central midfielder. Or, if necessary, replace Kimmich. I think for Nagelsmann, the purchase of Saul is a very important issue that will outline the goals of the club for the coming seasons.

Rekordmeister are going to pay 80 million euros for the midfielder, half of which Atletico already knows where to invest. The substantial interest of the Indians is compatriot Diego Simeone of Udinese Rodrigo de Paul. The Argentine had a great season with nine goals and ten assists.

Rodrigo is a year older than Niguez and plays a little higher than the Spaniard, more attack oriented. In his career, De Paul had a voyage to Valencia, where he played 44 matches, so he has a banal understanding of Spanish football. But in Simeone's team, he will have to give all the best, like all the players. He is slightly inferior in anthropometry to Saul, but wins in speed, so the replacement is absolutely worthy.

As I already mentioned, he is a compatriot of the head coach, which will further simplify the adaptation in the new team. Given the stability that Atletico have gained in recent years and the championship, as the crown of success for the Argentine, then next season the Mattress Makers will not stop there. Especially against the background of staff changes at Barcelona and the new-old coach of Real Madrid.