Ronaldo is looking for a new club

Ronaldo is looking for a new club

The icon of modern football, Cristiano Ronaldo, is considering leaving Juventus in Turin for another club. Among the candidates are PSG, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Although Ronaldo became the top scorer in Serie A last season, this campaign cannot be called a success for the Portuguese. Of the titles won, only the Italian Cup, elimination at the very first stage of the Champions League playoffs and reaching the most prestigious European tournament in the last round thanks to Napoli's failure.

In addition, the coach changed in Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri returned there, who does not have the warmest relations with Cristiano. They worked together before, but their union could not be called productive. The genius of tactics Allegri simply did not have much influence on the striker and subsequently left the club. Therefore, it is not surprising that in parallel with negotiations on a new contract, the striker is considering proposals from competitors.

These include Manchester United, Real Madrid and PSG. With Manchester, everything is incredibly clear. Little by little, the Red Devils taught that an experienced scorer should be at the forefront of their team, capable of helping in any situation. So it was with Ibrahimovic, so it is with Cavani. And besides, the return of Ronaldo would be the most correct decision of the management to reduce the degree in relations with the fans.

If Real Madrid seemed an illogical option for Ronaldo a month ago, then with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, everything turned around. The Italian gets along well with the stars and on a good terms with Cristiano. The Portuguese even congratulated Carlo on his return, so there is no point in denying the comeback of the footballer himself. Another thing is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the development of the club, but judging by the arrival of Ancelotti, Perez does not insist on this.

Therefore, the most likely option for Ronaldo to continue his career outside Turin, as for me, is to move to PSG. The French giant is gradually trying to fill itself with historical significance, inviting stars at the end of their careers. This was the case with David Beckham, Dani Alves, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and others. Ronaldo's move to PSG would be a giant leap for the club in the media and history. Plus, for Pochettino, working with the Portuguese would be a joy given his similarities to Harry Kane in recent years.

Cristiano is becoming weaker frankly. But this does not mean that he will not be able to score two dozen goals in Ligue 1, even with Mbappe leaving. The forward will become the king of Paris and at least win championship medals in a fourth country. Is this not an incentive for record holder Ronaldo?