Pogba is making Mbappe defend

Pogba is making Mbappe defend

One of the leaders of the France national team, Paul Pogba, commented on the conflict between Mbappe and Giroud, and also spoke about advice to the young striker.

The friendly match between France and Bulgaria was more destructive than helpful for both teams. First, Karim Benzema, who returned to the camp of Les Bleus, was injured in the first half. Secondly, there was a small verbal skirmish between Kilian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud. During the conversation, the Chelsea striker was unhappy with the fact that Mbappe rarely gave him passes, which reduced the effectiveness of attacks.

Nevertheless, Paul Pogba acted as the envoy of what is happening in the location of the national team. The midfielder of Manchester United spoke about the atmosphere within the team and his advice for Mbappe,

“There are no tensions in the team. The tension is only in the backs and legs! We always have a great atmosphere in our team. There is no conflict between Olivier and Mbappe. At least I haven't seen anything.

Maybe the words were misunderstood. You know Kylian and his qualities. He can score and make great passes. For his age, he shows amazing things. He is an altruist on the football pitch. But we always tell him that it would be better if he worked more in defense and helped the midfielders,” Pogba said.

It’s strange for me to hear Pogba’s admonitions towards Mbappe, since the striker has already surpassed Paul in importance for the national team and at the club level. Moreover, in the context of talking about helping in midfield or defense. At Manchester United, Pogba behaves inert and cannot be called the first pressing link.

But at the same time, he played in the national team in a completely different way. Therefore, we will see the answers to questions about the interaction between Mbappe and Giroud or Kylian's help for Pogba tomorrow in the match against the Germany national team. Bookmakers give a slight preference to the French (2.75 versus 2.88), but the holding of the match in Munich at Allianz Arena may make its own adjustments.