Yarmolenko: we will try to win

Yarmolenko: we will try to win

Captain of Ukraine national team Andriy Yarmolenko has encouraged fans before the fight against North Macedonia at Euro 2020.

In the first round of the group stage of the European Championship, the Ukrainian team made a comeback, have been losing 2:0, and thus showed character and will to win. However, Dumfries had other thoughts on this matter, and he nevertheless brought three points to the Netherlands' asset.

Many experts called that match the best at the current European championship for a reason. The intensity of the game, interesting tactical decisions of Andriy Shevchenko due to the oversaturation of the right wing, as well as the rapid change of events - everything was there. Therefore, the main thing for the Ukrainians was not to burn out after such a tense confrontation. But Yarmolenko is sure that the team's positive attitude will help to avoid this,

“We have already analyzed the first game against the Netherlands with a coaching staff. We were shown good points and mistakes. We are preparing for the second match with a positive attitude, we understand that now, more than ever, we should be together. Everything is fine, we are working, listening to the coaches. We will be told how to play against North Macedonia. We will go out to the field and do our job. I would like to believe that we will do it well.

There are no weak teams at such tournaments. Everyone is preparing for a serious game, for a battle. We think that the Macedonians will not come out to lose either. We will set ourselves for a good fight, we will try to win,” Andriy told the UAF press service.

Ukraine are the favorites of today's match. Bookmakers give the Blue-yellows squad the odds of 1.68 to win, while the odds to rivals are 6.20. The participation of Oleksandr Zubkov, who was injured in the first half of the match with the Netherlands, is a big question for the Ukrainians. But Tsyhankov  is training in the general group and has a chance to take part in the second match.

Andriy Shevchenko's team will have to lead the course of the fight and this is perhaps the biggest drawback for the team. The Blues-and-Yellows are accustomed to playing on counterattacks, and the qualification matches for the 2022 World Cup showed the team's gaps in the games with Finland and Kazakhstan. Therefore, in the confrontation, not everything is as unambiguous as bet operators think. Who do you think will win in today's confrontation? Write about it in the comments.