It’s official. Juventus, Real and Barcelona will play in the Champions League

It’s official. Juventus, Real and Barcelona will play in the Champions League

UEFA has sent letters to all the clubs, which have qualified for the Champions League. Among those were the dissidents from the Super League, Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona.

After Real Madrid and Juventus initiated the creation of the Super League, a number of other top clubs joined them. But UEFA's threats in parallel with the rallies of fans influenced the decisions of the management of nine of them and as a result they signed amicable agreements with UEFA. The clubs must donate 15 million euros, and will also give up 5% of the proceeds from European competitions.

But this does not apply to the dissidents who remained in the Super League. These clubs were the founders - Juventus, Real Madrid, as well as Barcelona, which is saddled with Josep Bartomeu's decisions. Despite this, the giants of Spain and the representative of Italy will remain in the most prestigious club tournament in Europe. UEFA has included them in the corresponding letters to the clubs that have earned the Champions League promotion at the end of the season, according to ESPN. At the same time, there is no mention of the UEFA proceedings against Real Madrid, Barca and Juve in the letters.

Moreover, the idea of the Super League has not gone anywhere either. It is alive, and these three fighters for their justice escaped the financial punishment that the other participants in the "Last Supper" received. This became possible thanks to the connections of Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, who, through the commercial court of Madrid, filed a lawsuit against UEFA on the issue of monopolizing tournaments in Europe. According to rumors, following the results of the proceedings, a head could fly off the shoulders of UEFA President Aleksandr Ceferin. Therefore, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus did not receive sanctions against them.

The situation is strange. We don't think that if the creators of the Super League went into confrontation with UEFA, they would have won in the long term. Any decision of the Madrid court could be appealed to the Lausanne Court of Arbitration, which is sympathetic to the European organization. But the problem is that UEFA hired lawyers for this process, who lost the previous proceedings with Manchester City. Therefore, we would not be surprised if, in the coming years, the top clubs, feeling their importance, make the revolution more grounded in broad daylight. This situation showed that you can go ahead against UEFA and not be afraid of anything.