Di Maria and Navas are pressuring Ramos

Di Maria and Navas are pressuring Ramos

Sergio Ramos said goodbye to Real Madrid and considering the option with French PSG.

A press conference was held by Sergio Ramos, at which he announced his departure and sentimentally said goodbye to the club where he spent 16 years. At first, the atmosphere did not bode well for a scandal. Florentino Perez thanked the football player, Ramos could hardly hold back tears when he took the floor, but in the end he expressed everything that bothered him.

The defender said that Real Madrid offered him a one-year contract with a salary cut, but he refused because he wanted to play for at least two more years. At the same time, there was no issue of money, according to Sergio. He then agreed to the offer, but the club refused, explaining the end of the offer. This moment slightly spoiled the colorful farewell, dare I say, of the legend of Real Madrid. But the player himself confirmed that he will return to the team.

Now Ramos will have to choose the option with the continuation of his career, but he already knows about the substantive interest from PSG. The defender's former teammates Angel Di Maria and Keylor Navas are performing their agent role efficiently and luring Sergio to Paris.

It seems to us that this is the most ideal option for Ramos. Despite his 35 years of age, the defender lost only in speed. His reading of the game, his positioning experience and defense management skills are top notch. PSG can provide him with a tasty contract for at least two years and fulfill the wishes of 30 million euros in two years and 20 million in bonuses. In addition, in France, things are easier with taxes than in Spain. On the plus side, we also consider the fact that Mauricio Pochettino, who heads the Parisians, speaks Spanish.

PSG need an experienced center-back, as the current Champions League has shown. After the departure of Thiago Silva, Pochettino had no options left to calm the team, because of this, PSG continued their hysteria and in the matches with Manchester City got two dismissals. While Marquinhos looks confident, then Kimpembe is terrible in responsible games. But, on the other hand, having come to PSG, Ramos is unlikely to put up with the role of a leader paired with the Brazilian captain. Therefore, it will be interesting to know your opinion in the comments, will the Spaniard play if he chooses the path of Di Maria and Navas?