Messi won his first trophy with Argentina

Messi won his first trophy with Argentina

The national team of Argentina defeated Brazil in the Copa America final with a minimal score or of 1:0 at Maracana.

In pre-match layouts, the Brazilians had a clear advantage. They were more stable and looked more powerful throughout the tournament. In addition, the matches were held in Brazil, which helped the players mentally. But from the first minutes the Argentines showed that they will fight to the end.

High pressing and dedication were on the side of La Albiceleste. They tried so hard for their captain that they often fouled and made mistakes at the most inopportune moments. If the nominal hosts ran well to attack and tore the space between the lines, then in defense Leo Messi's squad did not work out in the best way. The Argentines were constantly cut off during build-ups, the number of mistakes was off the charts, because the Brazilians had a clear advantage in the face of four attacking players: Everton, Richarlison, Paqueta and Neymar.

The PSG winger, along with Messi, constantly collected fouls and competed in this component. Broken legs, ripped shorts - all this happened in the first half. But the trouble for the Brazilians came from where they did not expect. The weakest zone of the team was Renan Lodi on the left wing of defense. De Paul was given too much space in the midfield and made a perfect pass to Angel Di Maria. Although perfect, Lodi swung past the ball and brought the winger to Ederson. Without thinking twice, Di Maria threw over the goalkeeper and scored the only goal in the match.

No matter how Selecao try to go on the attack, but Argentina deliberately sat down a little deeper and thwarted all attempts of the kings of football to score a goal. Five against four yellows in the match. The game itself was boring, but in terms of intensity it can rival the Istanbul final Liverpool - Milan.

It was foolish to assume that after the goal Argentina would let go of the advantage and stop fighting for Messi, who almost single-handedly led them to the final. The whole team worked to win and, as a result, helped the legend to take the first title with the national team at a senior level. After the final, Leo stated,

“I needed to win something with the national team, and I am grateful to God that this happened. Happened in Brazil against Brazil.

I feel crazy happiness, it is impossible to describe in words. Many times I was upset, but I knew that one day it would happen. You couldn't think of a better moment. Our team fully deserved this success, it is impressive. I'm very happy,” Messi said.

After Argentina overcame themselves, after Messi fully manifested himself as the leader of the team, there could be no other outcome. The Brazilians looked better in the tournament, in this final they shot twice as many as the opponents, but Argentina deserved their title for themselves and for Messi. And even if this game was deprived of an abundance of bright moments, even if there was a lot of rudeness in it, La Albiceleste beat Brazil at Maracana. What could be better for Lionel and Argentina fans?