Lozano got seriously injured

Lozano got seriously injured

In a match of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, Napoli forward Hirving Lozano received a serious hit to the face from a goalkeeper.

The CONCACAF Gold Cup final tournament is held between teams from North and Central America. In the first round of the group stage, Mexico met with the national team of Trinidad and Tobago. The match ended in a draw 0:0. But the main episode of the confrontation was the collision of the Mexican winger Hirving Lozano with goalkeeper of Trinidad and Tobago Phillips.

The goalkeeper hit the face of the Napoli attacker with his foot, after which he lost consciousness. Doctors performed resuscitation procedures and took the Mexican to the hospital. Initially, there were suspicions that the player was paralyzed, but the doctors noticed a hand movement and were relieved.

Lozano is now awaiting an MRI and other tests to assess his condition. But doctors are already reporting about the stabilization of the general state and that the threat to life has passed.

This episode once again shows that football is not subject to reflection and rethinking of what is happening. How many times there have already been when there was risk of causing not only injury, but also a threat to life? The most absurd thing is that the extreme moment happened in the first round of Euro 2020. Christian Eriksen did not even fight with any football player, collapsed on the pitch and almost said goodbye to life.

But as we can see, players around the world continue to play as roughly as possible, not noticing the obvious reasons for concern. Instead of forcing the doctor to react as quickly as possible and prepare them for any resuscitation procedures, it would be better to conduct outreach to the players.

Trinidad and Tobago are far from being the strongest team. The odds before the match for their victory reached 40.00, so it is logical that their bet was made on physical superiority over technical and fast Mexicans. But not to that extent! We believe that FIFA needs to reconsider the reasons for such cases and not complain about the guilt of the players. These are already consequences, and we, unfortunately, do not learn from them.