Ronaldo is crazy, Casillas and Raul are crooks! Why did Perez say that?

Ronaldo is crazy, Casillas and Raul are crooks! Why did Perez say that?

Newspaper El Confidencial published the words of the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, in which he went through the legends of the club.

If earlier Florentino Perez was an ambiguous figure in the football world and a person for whom money comes first, these words have now been confirmed. The manager's conversation was recorded on a tape recorder in 2006. The first sign that the newspaper launched was the dismissal of the legends of the Madrid club Casillas and Raul. The president sincerely did not understand why Iker still defends the colors of Real and why the fans love him. He went on to add,

““This is one of the greatest scams, and the second one is Raoul. Two of the greatest crooks in Real Madrid history. The first one is Raul, and the second one is Casillas,” Perez said on the recording, which was at the disposal of El Confidencial.

Six years later, he coveted the sacred. Those who brought him crazy money from contracts - Ronaldo and Mourinho. He called the first one crazy:

“Ronaldo is crazy. He is an idiot, a sick guy. You think that he is normal, but he is not normal, otherwise he would not do everything he does,” said the Spaniard.

Then he dragged Jose Mourinho into the conversation, who was then head coach of the club:

“Mourinho and Ronaldo are people with terrible egos, they are both spoiled. Both Mourinho and Ronaldo do not see reality. Both could earn even more if they were different. Two crazy ones,” the president concluded his speech.

After all the quotes were published, Perez decided to comment on this. He blamed the recording of the conversation on Jose Antonio Abellan, who had been trying to sell the recordings all these years. But interest in them appeared only during the proceedings over the Super League.

We do not deny that this leverage was instigated by UEFA to spite the invulnerable Florentino. After all, he had a good ride through the lawyers of the European organization and it would be as strange as possible for them to release the brakes, having such a great influence.

But we would like to touch first of all on the meaning of these words, which, in the opinion of Perez himself, were taken out of context. He did not like Ronaldo and Mourinho due to the fact that they started working for themselves early. In personal interests, and not to wait for handouts from Real Madrid. Cristiano was already developing his own brand, and Jose came as the best coach in the world who won the treble with Inter.

Casillas and Raul were absolutely non-media persons. The fans loved them, and if Perez had bought Buffon or Cech instead of Cas, they would not have appreciated it. It was the same with Raul. He outlived Ronaldo, Owen, van Nistelrooy and remained the best, so it was difficult for Perez to kick him out. All that was left was to wait until they started to pass because of their age, as it happened. Is it necessary to somehow justify the words of Perez, even if they are taken out of context?