Manchester City violate financial fair play in 2012!

Manchester City violate financial fair play in 2012!

English Manchester City are once again in the UEFA spotlight after data published on a possible violation of financial fair play.

Before the story of Manchester City's suspension for two seasons from the Champions League had subsided, UEFA again found something to get to the bottom of. Then the Cityzens managed to avoid such a serious punishment, and they got off with a large fine. Now Manchester City are at risk of falling again into the organization's disfavor.

The fact is that the notorious British newspaper Daily Mail told the world about emails, which contain evidence of violations by Man City. In one of them, it turned out that the sponsorship from the Etihad Shirt was only 4 million pounds, and not 12, as the club stated in the 2011/12 season.

But if this amount cannot be called large by football standards, then a much more serious matter happened later. In 2014, an employee close to Manchester City said the ten-year sponsorship deal from Etihad was funded through government agencies. And here the amount is much more - 340 million pounds.

What can this give on a global scale? So far, there is no specifics. The Daily Mail does not even disclose the source of information through which they learned about it. But this hype can obviously do harm. Especially ahead of the signing of Harry Kane. The Cityzens will need to pay serious money for the attacker. The price tag for him, according to Transfermarkt, is 120 million euros. In the event of Kane's transfer, UEFA will keep a close eye on every penny of Manchester City.

We do not even deny that this newspaper investigation was commissioned by Tottenham in an attempt to keep their striker. Given the trashy fame of the Daily Mail, they could have done it. In any case, nothing terrible has happened for the City so far and is unlikely to happen in the near future if they do not make mistakes ten years ago in the conditions of modern informational realities.