Barcelona leaders are against pay cuts for Messi

Barcelona leaders are against pay cuts for Messi

Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto are against pay cuts in favor of Messi’s registration.

A real riot is brewing in Barcelona! In recent weeks, the Catalans have been trying to meet the salary cap in order to register Lionel Messi. For this, they have already said goodbye to a number of players and are ready to sell Griezmann and Coutinho. But, apparently, this will not be enough either. Therefore, the club tried to reduce the costs of the salaries of its players.

ESPN reports that Barca director Mateu Alemany tried to negotiate with the leaders of the club, Busquets, Alba and Roberto, who receive 16, 14 and 10.5 million euros per season, respectively. But all the old-timers were against it. If previously the logic of cost cutting took place during the financial crisis associated with the pandemic and lack of earnings from the fans, now the players are critical of the reduction in salaries.

Football players do not understand why they should experience material inconveniences due to the new signings of Sergio Aguero, Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia and Lionel Messi. If the top three newcomers earn up to 15 million euros, then Leo alone will spend at least 20 million euros a year. And he also made concessions, agreeing to cut the salary in half!

We think Barca will have a hard time in the summer transfer window, because there is no other way out except to sell players. The only hope is that someone will give normal money for Griezmann and Coutinho. Although European clubs also understand that the Catalans have no other option and will bargain till the end.

Be that as it may, but for Joan Laporta, it is more important not how much he earns from leaving the players, but how much he will save on their salaries. Therefore, do not be surprised if Coutinho leaves for 30 million instead of the 150 that Blaugranas gave Liverpool for him. Griezmann's exchange for Saul, if it happens, will look heavenly manna for the club, but will Atletico want him? The issue is questionable.