Southgate stands up for Sterling

Southgate stands up for Sterling

England national team head coach Gareth Southgate stood up for his player Raheem Sterling.

Southgate does its best to support young footballers and always gives them practice in the national team. The climax of this was the final of Euro 2020, when he entrusted a penalty shot to Rashford, Sancho and Saka. But he has even more sympathy for Sterling.

Raheem constantly plays in the Three Lions starting line-up, gaining full confidence of the coach. But the main problem of the 26-year-old winger was the conversion. He creates a lot, but there are clear problems with completion. This is becoming a local meme in English football, which makes fans mistrustful of the player.

Therefore, England head coach Gareth Southgate had to side with Sterling,

“There is incredible competition at Manchester City, as well as in the national team, but for us he has always been a player who brings success. We have a lot of faith in Sterling. We think he is not being praised the way he deserves. He is often a target, as if he constantly needs to prove something,” Southgate said.

In the summer, there was already talk that Manchester City would try to sell Raheem. But Harry Kane never moved to the Cityzens camp, so there was no need to sell the winger. This season, Sterling is gradually giving place in the line-up to partners. In the first three rounds, he spent 69, 30 and 33 minutes on the pitch. With such success, by the end of the season, Pep will give preference to Grealish on an ongoing basis and will not even say a word about selling Bernardo Silva.

Sterling would ideally fit into a counterattacking team thanks to his speed and technique. It could easily be Manchester United or Chelsea. But we do not believe that the Cityzens will give their diamond to competitors, and outside of England he is hardly interesting to anyone. Bayern will not pay incredible money, and Real and Barcelona have enough goals for transfer windows.