Pogba: France are not the best in the world anymore

Pogba: France are not the best in the world anymore

Paul Pogba criticized France national team game after the fifth match in a row without victories.

The France national team has lost ground and it's hard to deny it. Les Bleus failed at Euro 2020, losing to Switzerland in the round of 16 in a penalty shootout and then had draw matches with Hungary (1:1), Portugal (2:2), Bosnia (1:1) and Ukraine (1:1).

It is logical that after the received flurry of criticism, the reigning world champions had to somehow justify themselves. Therefore, Paul Pogba took the floor and briefly named the reasons for such results,

“It's been a long time since I won a match with France. I miss it, we all miss it.

We're not the best team in the world anymore. We must change everything and be more aggressive. We have to sweat more and put more desire into the game, that's all,” said the midfielder.

But what are the real problems of the Frenchmen? L’Equipe believes that Karim Benzema was the original influencer. Although he was helpful in Euros and scored four goals, he imbalanced the team's atmosphere in the dressing room. The players are divided and Hugo Lloris, after a draw with Ukraine, spoke about the lack of dedication in the game of his partners.

But the most important thing, as for me, lies in the figure of the coach. Didier Deschamps clearly has been taking his seat for too long and can no longer cope with the players and motivate them. The final of Euro 2016, the victory at the 2018 World Cup - all this made itself felt, the players were oversaturated with success. There were problems with discipline, the players ceased to feel the authority of the coach.

Antoine Griezmann's tantrums can be added to this, who doesn't like the fact that with Benzema's arrival he has no stable place on the pitch. Deschamps throws him along the entire front of the attack and the forward feels uncomfortable.

In this situation, the only panacea I see is the change of the head coach. Deschamps behaves very inert even at the sideline. It seems to me that the work in the national team has ceased to give him pleasure. Therefore, the national team needs new blood and who, if not Zinedine Zidane, is suitable for this role ahead of the World Cup in Qatar? He has untouchable authority among football players, three Champions League cups behind his back and good ideas with which he established himself at Real Madrid. We think only this will help the Frenchmen not to embarrass themselves at the World Cup in a year.