Atletico are looking for a new goalkeeper!

Atletico are looking for a new goalkeeper!

Atletico Madrid may get rid of Jan Oblak next summer due to the club's payroll.

The arrival of Antoine Griezmann did hit the pocket of Atletico Madrid. No matter how the president of the Mattress Makers defended the Little Prince and praised him for his agreement to cut wages by 40%, this transfer still hit the finances.

Of all the possible options, Atletico see the opportunity to sell Jan Oblak, while enough top clubs are still interested in him and are ready to pay 70 million for him, according to Transfermarkt. Oblak is one of the best goalkeepers of our time and the fact that he is remembered only through the prism of Atletico's low defense block is not the Slovenian's fault.

Jan earns one of the highest salaries in the Indians’ camp - 10 million euros per season. But his contract expires in 2023 and next summer will be decisive in the fate of the Slovenian. Considering Atlético's habits to lower the payroll, they will still have time to sell him at a higher price. Another thing is that there may be a problem with the replacement.

Atletico are considering Emiliano Martinez from Aston Villa as a replacement for Oblak. Diego Simeone is a fan of his compatriot's talent, but where is the likelihood that he will play in the club? For seven years the Mattress Makers were happy with Oblak because he was a wall at the goal.

As for me, Jan deserves to stay at Atletico and become a legend of the club, even if for a large salary. He did much more than Griezmann and did not go to Barcelona behind the back of the management. Moreover, he is only 28 years old, his career is just beginning. It's another matter if he himself wants to throw himself a new challenge and go to some giant like Bayern, which already hardly believe in Nubel's progress. And we don't see any other options for continuing a career for the Slovene.