Neymar: I don’t know what else to do to be respected

Neymar: I don’t know what else to do to be respected

Brazil national team leader Neymar has once again complained about the lack of respect from the press and commentators.

Neymar launched another wave of indignation against fans and journalists, who, in his opinion, do not respect the player’s achievements enough. The reason for this was the winger's new record. He has scored the most goals for the national team in the World Cup qualifiers. The PSG striker has already scored 12 goals in 20 matches. At the same time, before Neymar, this record was achieved by Ivan Zamorano and Marcelo Salas, who scored 12 goals in 12 and 16 matches, respectively, for the Chile national team.

The record happened in the qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup against the national team of Peru (2:0). Neymar scored a goal and made an assist. After the game, he gave an interview in which he complained about the lack of respect from people,

“Obviously, the team is the most important thing. I am thrilled to be Brazil's top scorer in qualifying matches, best team assistant, and soon, if all goes well, I will be honored to overtake Pele and become the national team's top scorer (Neymar has 69 goals, Pele 77).

I don't know what else I can do to make people respect me. This is normal, it has been like this for a long time. Reporters, commentators, everyone else. Sometimes I don't even feel like giving interviews, but for important moments I do it. Let them think a little,” Neymar said on TV Globo.

It seemed to me that Neymar had already outgrown this kind of thinking, became the leader of the national team and PSG. At least this was evidenced by his desire to play with Messi at the club level. He was no longer afraid of the authority of the Argentine. But practice shows the opposite. He is still a little boy who sees offenders at every turn.

I am convinced that as the season progresses, news about Messi's quarrel with the Brazilian will be circulating in the press. And it seems to me that the winger will continue to complain about everyone: about the coach, about fate, about partners. It is beneficial for him to take the position of a victim, so he has less responsibility. But victims never win the Ballon d'Or and do not go down in history, no matter how much Neymar wants to.