Vieri: Haaland to move to Real

Vieri: Haaland to move to Real

The Italy national team former footballers, Christian Vieri and Antonio Cassano, shared their expectations on the future fate of Erling Haaland.

At the moment, there are two main topics for transfer conversations: where Mbappe and Haaland will go. While everything is more or less clear with the future of Kylian, because he himself has said more than once that he loves Real Madrid, then it is a lot more difficult with the Norwegian. Erling was actively wooed to Chelsea, his agent went to Barcelona and Madrid, and there was also talk of Manchester United.

But so far, no certainty has been achieved. Only the amount of a salary of 50 million euros per year, which Mino Raiola put up for public discussion for his ward. But on Twitch, Italian legends Antonio Cassano and Christian Vieri discussed the player’s future and shared their insights,

They told me, "Look, Bayern wants to sign Haaland." And Madrid wants Lewandowski for a couple of years. It all makes sense to me,” Cassano said.

Vieri replied, “And I was told that Haaland will go to Real Madrid. This is 100%. I was told so ... But I don't know if it's true.”

Cassano said, “Then ciao, Mbappe!”

As for me, both options are viable. Bayern would not miss the opportunity to sign the € 70 million Norwegian when his price tag drops next summer. Plus he will be a great replacement for Robert Lewandowski. Another thing is that the management of the club may not come to an agreement with greedy Mino Raiola, because Reckordmeister are not used to spending such incredible money on salaries and agency fees that the Dutchman will ask for.

If we proceed only from the criterion of finance, then Real has a clear advantage here. It fits their style and philosophy of Florentino Perez. In addition, I do not see a problem with Mbappe's presence in the team, which Cassano denies. The Frenchman can easily play on the wing of attack, and Haaland - in the usual forward position. Or the team can rebuild and play with two strikers. There are a lot of variations and the head coach, who will be at Real at that time, will have to think carefully. After all, such a selection of players is not available to everyone and you will need to squeeze the maximum out of it.