Blatter on football: I created a monster

Blatter on football: I created a monster

Former FIFA President Joseph Blatter is the culprit of the possible World Cup schedule once every two years.

Joseph Blatter joined the organization back in 1975, and 13 years later became the president of FIFA and led it until 2015, until he left office with a corruption scandal. A sore subject for the Swiss was the holding of the World Cup in Russia in 2018, because of which he was forced to retire from football.

At the same time, the functionary himself is not going to make excuses and is standing his ground about the need to make a real leviathan out of football, which would be a competitive product in business,

“This is business, and business is always a dishonest game. There is supply and demand in business. And if football is already in this system, it cannot go against the rules.

Yes, I created a monster, I should have, but the monster played by the rules of business. I am a master of economics, but I could not stop it because it is supply and demand. It's all sad, but it's a fact,” said Blatter.

He also attributed to himself, as an achievement, the popularization of the game, which currently has about two billion fans, which is more than any religion, as the ex-president of FIFA himself said. But in the pursuit of money and business strategies, the organization goes crazy.

FIFA continues to lobby for Arsene Wenger's idea of holding the World Cup every two years. I don’t think it’s worth mentioning that this will hit the prestige of the tournament itself. I will only note the crazy schedule for football players, which will be with such an innovation. Jurgen Klopp has already expressed his opinion on this,

“We all know why this is happening. No matter what people say about giving different countries opportunities, in the end it's all about money.

This is fine. But at some point, someone has to realize that without footballers, the most important ingredients of this wonderful game, we cannot play it. There is no one more important than the players,” the German said.

It seems to me, if Blatter were at the helm of FIFA now, he would not hesitate to introduce new rules of the game, given his desire to put an equality sign between football and business. At the same time, the football leagues, along with UEFA, are abandoning such an innovation, citing the arguments of terrible physical exertion.

I will only add that in this case, FIFA's arguments against the Super League will lose their weight. Florentino Perez will get confused and create his own World Cup with continental cups, thereby eliminating FIFA from the carving of the birthday cake. And if Gianni Infantino continues the Blatter business, this cannot be avoided.