Liverpool turned on in time to defeat Milan!

Liverpool turned on in time to defeat Milan!

As part of the Champions League group stage matchday one, Liverpool defeated Milan at Anfield 3:2 and take the first place in group B.

In the first round, Liverpool faced uncomfortable Milan, which returned to the most prestigious club tournament in Europe with great difficulty. But the Reds decided to immediately dilute the main squad with players who had not previously entered the pitch this season. So Joe Gomez and Divock Origi appeared from the start against Milan.

Both figures were not very confident. While the start of the match was extremely charged for Jurgen Klopp’s team, after 30 minutes they calmed down. During this time, the Scousers managed to score a goal with the forces of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Tomori, who sent the ball into his own goal. But at that moment it was impossible not to note the play of Jordan Henderson, who led the defender from the half-wing to the wing and cleared the corridor for his young compatriot.

After that, there was an unconverted penalty from Mohamed Salah, who shot in the most primitive way into the left corner at a convenient height for the goalkeeper. After that, Liverpool tried to roll the ball and did not really go on the offensive when Milan tried to use space and counterattack. They did it at the end of the first half. First, Ante Rebic shot through Alisson, and then Brahim Diaz took Milan ahead in the 44 minute.

The break was necessary for Liverpool. In the locker room, Jurgen Klopp reminded his guys how they started the match, and that you can't slow down even when the game seems to be done. And so it happened. Another failure in the defense of Milan backfired with a goal against the guests. Salah corrected for an unscored penalty after Arnold's breakthrough on the right wing and Origi's connection. And then a series of substitutions influenced the structure of Milan's game and Jordan Henderson scored the winning goal in the match after a set piece.

Overall, Liverpool's game could not be called wholesome. It was based on the opponent, which, in fact, was confirmed by Jurgen Klopp in a post-match interview,

“They scored twice before halftime. But there was no feeling that we would not be able to make a comeback. It was clear that we had to immediately return to where we started, and then, to be honest, we scored great goals. Both were incredible. Deservedly so, but there were 10 minutes when Milan almost changed the result,” Klopp said.

We are convinced that Liverpool came out to play the match, realizing that van Dijk and Mane need to rest. The Reds were ready to sacrifice two main players for the benefit of the Premier League, for which much larger bonuses are due. But even so, the team under the leadership of the German coach was able to achieve a result that does not go to Milan's advantage.

Stefano Pioli's men looked weak. They slightly resembled Barcelona in the match against Bayern, when they met the opponents in their own penalty area at the last line. The difference was only in realization and the presence of chances that were created by the counterattacks. With the release of Milner and Thiago, Liverpool calmed the game and achieved the desired result of three points. Therefore, without even straining too much, Liverpool defeated Milan at home and took the first line in Group B. Although, if Pioli's team was more experienced and balanced, it would not have missed their advantage.