Jerome Rothen: Ramos is a bad idea for PSG

Jerome Rothen: Ramos is a bad idea for PSG

French Paris Saint-Germain former midfielder Jerome Rothen spoke negatively about the arrival of Sergio Ramos in the team.

There’s already information on the web that after the transfer to PSG, Sergio Ramos got starstruck and disparagingly talked to coaches and teammates. At the same time, the Spaniard himself has not yet made his debut for PSG due to an injury, which he has been treating since May of this year.

Ramos is already 35 years old and every day of recovery is given to him extremely hard in comparison with younger partners. It was this argument that Jerome Rothen used when explaining his position against the former captain of Real Madrid on the team,

A calf injury towards the end of a career is terrible because it rarely recovers properly. As soon as a player picks up the pace in training or in PSG matches, he will have to slow down.

When Sergio first arrived in Paris, everyone said that he would change the mentality in the PSG locker-room. Today, Marquinhos and Kimpembe are far superior to Ramos. And now the aura of Ramos is not enough for the Parisians, something more is required. He will need to make a big contribution on the pitch, otherwise there is no point in keeping him out of the squad. So we have a feeling that Ramos is a bad idea for PSG,” Rothen said in an interview with RMC Sport.

The point of Rothen's claims is clear, because the defender clearly came with a lot of money to the club and now takes a place in the line-up, which could go to some promising young guy. But at the same time, Ramos is a very experienced fighter, able to charge the team and bring results even from the locker room.

There are no such players at PSG right now. Neymar is no leader. Marquinhos is hot-tempered and unreliable, Mbappe is already one step away from Madrid, and Messi is not particularly interested in the results of the new club. At least that's how it seems to me now. Ramos is a leader who will fight till the end. The only question is, does he really need it? After all, if the rumors from the locker room turned out to be true, then there is no point in keeping him at Parc des Princes.