Owen: Messi, Neymar and Mbappe are a bother at PSG

Owen: Messi, Neymar and Mbappe are a bother at PSG

The Liverpool legend of the 2000’s, Michael Owen, spoke harshly about the negative impact of the Messi, Neymar and Mbappé trio on PSG's attacking play.

Messi’s debut at PSG is not going too well so far. Initially, the Argentine spent 25 minutes on the pitch wearing the Parisians’ jersey against Reims, where he wasn’t noted for any efficient actions. He then missed the match against Clermont while resting after playing for the national team, but spent the entire game against Club Brugge in the Champions League.

In that match, Lionel was remembered only for his yellow card and did not help his new team win. PSG played 1:1 and lost in all statistics to the men from Belgium, winning only in ball possession. This was the reason for Michael Owen to criticize all three attacks of the French giants,

“We drool over this team, which has such forwards - they are all phenomenal in their own right. But together these three make PSG's attack weaker.

And I don't understand why they are called one of the favorites of this Champions League. I think the English teams are much better,” the Daily Mail quotes Owen.

There is a saying that a team of stars is not a star team. This is roughly the situation with PSG. Pochettino finds it extremely difficult to combine Neymar with Messi and Mbappe. Especially when the latter decided to leave and clearly does not improve the atmosphere within the team. In the match against Brugge, it was Kylian who gave an assist to Ander Herrera, who scored the only goal of the guests.

But you must admit that Herrera is not the one from whom we expect goals amongst the Parisians. On paper, PSG's three attacking teams look unrealistically cool, but we agree with Owen that so far many teams look much nicer. In terms of attacking, Manchester City are head and shoulders above the current guys of Pochettino, even in the absence of high-quality forwards. Of course, here you can make an correction for the opponents, because Brugge deliberately relied on counterattacks. But PSG did not spend fabulous money on players in order to take only one point against a team from the fourth pot.